Sunday, 28 May 2017

Back Again

I have survived being abandoned. I know you will be very pleased to hear that. I survived, but I wasn't happy. The humans went away on yesterday morning's boat and my MH didn't come home until this morning's boat while my DH stayed away until tonight, but by that time, I was well and truly spoiled again.

I'm afraid I was a bit sick when my MH came home. She says it is because I gulped my breakfast down too quickly but between you and me, I think it is due to the trauma of being left alone for twenty four hours with just two humans to come and visit me.

My friend M. came over and fed me and sat with me for a while and then my friend S. came to sit with me and cuddle me before bedtime, so technically I wasn't completely abandoned but you will understand that it is not the same as having my humans here with me 'cos they know exactly what I want and my two friends aren't up to their standard of training---yet! I will work on it, though.

However, I am a much happier puss tonight and I haven't been sick again and that has made the old dear very happy.

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