Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Happy, happy, happy!

We have all had a very good day today and we are all very happy. It was a fine day and although it was still a bit breezy, it wasn't too bad at all, so after the old dear had finished her housework inside, she decided to see if the lawn mower would go.

So, we all went outside and when she turned the key on her machine it went! Yippee. I watched for a little while and as soon as I was sure she was safe and happy, I nipped inside for a snooze till she was finished. Both my humans spent a while in my garden 'cos my DH has bought himself a new gadget for cutting all the edges and he is a very happy DH playing with it. In fact, I think he might wander round the whole island cutting grass! Hee hee

I got a great big surprise when my friend S. comed to see me. Normally she is too busy through the week when she is working, but she comed up today and I liked it lots. She always makes a fuss of me and cuddles me and that is just what I like.

So, now you will see why we all have had a very good day and to top it all off, my little weather man friend told us that it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that. My MH has even promised to take some new pictures of me to show you how beautiful I am looking!

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