Thursday, 4 May 2017

More Brilliant Fun

I love the sunshine and I love feeling warm and today we have had warm sunshine on my little island I have been outside all day which is MAGIC!

As soon as I wakened up, which was a wee bit earlier than normal, I rushed to the window and saw that it was another super morning so I asked the old dear to let me out and I would get my breakfast later. And that is just what I did. I had a wander round my garden and listened to the birdies and by the time my adorable little tummy was telling me it was nearly running on empty, my MH had opened the window and my breakfast was waiting for me.

The rest of my day was spent nipping in and out and playing in my garden, and because the weather was so good, both my humans were outside with me too. The Boss did her usual housework but she did some more washing too. To be honest, my dear friends, I think she is washing everything she sees and I am very careful that I don't get stuck in hot soapy water! I am perfectly clean without her help, thank you very much!

I helped her to hang it all out again and when I was out later on with my DH, I had the most brilliantest fun with a bit of pampas grass. He throwed it up for me, and I chased it and killed it dead and then we did it all over again. Magic number 2!

AND! As if this wasn't enough excitement for one adorable little puss, today was string day, so there was good fun inside my house as well. Oh I am so excited I can hardly contain my dear little self and I can't wait for tomorrow 'cos my MH told me that if it another good day, she is going to spend a lot of time with me in the garden.

Oh, goody, goody, goody!

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