Monday, 29 May 2017

Much Happier

I have had a very good day. We are all back to normal again and that made me happy. The weather wasn't brilliant, but it wasn't too bad either so I was able to get out to play lots and lots and I knew that every time I plopped in through my window, I would find my MH somewhere in my house and that made me very, VERY happy!

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and the old dear had a seat and a chat together before she tooked out the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and that signalled the first of my trips outside to see what was happening in my world. There are lots of swallows back now and yes the one that dive bombs me is back too. Sigh. I shall try and avoid that one.

One time, when I had gone in, I did my funny run that tells my MH I want to play, and she did. We went into our bedroom and played hide and Squeak with me getting tickled while I was hiding under my blanket and it was just brilliant. And, as usual, I falled asleep for a wee while when we had finished.

In the afternoon, my MH decided to cut the grass 'cos my little weather man friend said it might rain tomorrow, so I followed her round and then we played together as soon as she had finished. I made her laugh when I jumped through the fence and played more hide and Squeak in the long grass and the photographs she tooked for you show my leap through the fence.

They made my humans smile and I hope they make you smile too.

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