Sunday, 14 May 2017

No Mist...

Yippee! But rain instead---boo! I have been out lots of times and I got wet a couple of times. It didn't rain all day and at one point it looked as though my MH might get to play with her lawn mower, but then the rain comed on again so she wasn't best pleased. Shame.

We haven't done very much at all today. My MH finished making her bead card and this time I decided not to 'help' her as she seems to get on a wee bit quicker when I watch from a distance. I think it is much safer that way.

We had a visit from my friend S. this afternoon and I got lots of cuddles from her as usual. I like when she comes to visit 'cos she always makes a great big fuss of me and I love it. My humans always make a fuss of me and cuddle me whenever I ask, but it is always lovely when somebody else does it.

I was definitely made to be cuddled and adored!

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