Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What A Day

This morning was summer with warm sunshine and a bit of a breeze but this afternoon was winter with lots of rain and a bigger wind. Not brilliant, but I made the bestest of it. I spent lots of time outside this morning and lots of time inside this afternoon. Purr-fick!

Both my humans were a bit busy and I just spent my time between them helping as much as I could and I know it was appreciated. However, I didn't go into the gym with my MH when she asked me 'cos it was pouring with rain and I didn't want to get soaked so I just cuddled up on my chair and snoozed till she comed home and then I cuddled up on her knee and continued my sleep. Brilliant!

I will have to write shorter stories to you for a wee while 'cos our Broadband thingy is still not working so the old dear is being careful. She will try to let me tell you what I am doing 'cos we know that you would miss me terribly, but if I don't appear on your computer one night or day, you will know what it is.

The Broadband lady is trying to fix it but not quickly enough for my humans who are getting just a tad fed up with it all, so I hope it gets sorted soon. You will be the first to know---well, after us, of course!

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