Thursday, 25 May 2017


What a day we all have had! It has been brilliant. One of the brilliantest I have had for a long time and I have loved it. When we all got up it was a wee bit misty but then the lovely sun appeared and all the mist went away leaving us a lovely warm sunny day. Magic!

My humans had a chat about what we were all going to do and my MH decided that after she had done all her housework, she would cut the grass as soon as it was dry enough 'cos the mist had made it a wee bit wet. My DH decided he would go out and finish all the work he had started and I decided I would go with him, but it was so lovely that my MH left the door open and I could wander in and out as much as I wanted, so it was quite purr-fick really.

I watched my DH for a while and then found a lovely warm spot in the long grass to have a snooze and listen to the birdies. I could see the swallows that have come back, but the didn't see me 'cos they didn't dive bomb me---this time!

A while later, the Boss came out and took out the lawn mower so I found a wee spot and watched her till she was finished and then I got a big cuddle. My humans were out in my garden all afternoon and I had a super day just being outside with them.

I hope we can do it again tomorrow.

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