Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Fine Day

I am still having good fun and today has been a much better day for me 'cos both my humans have been here with me which is just purr-fect. The weather is still to my liking and I have been outside for nearly all the day.

I have had a very lazy day just lying on my path listening to the little birdies and then having a wander through the fields. The long grass is quite warm and it tickles my adorable little tummy when I am running through the field and it makes me happy.

I didn't neglect my MH of course and every now and then I would nip in to my house to see what she was doing and she appreciated that. I even went into the gym with her and helped her little legs do their exercises.

And the bestest bit of news is that my humans are not going away to leave me tonight. They had a good night last night and when they comed home, I sat on my MHs knee while she told me all about it, but tonight we are all at home together.

And that is just how I like it.

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