Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Good Day

I have liked today. I haven't done an awful lot but I have liked what I have done. It was quite a good day and just rained a wee bit so I have been in and out lots of times and every time I went out I did something different. In fact, one time I was out so long that my MH was getting worried in case I had got lost. But of course I didn't and went back home when I had finished all my exploring.

My MH went away out in this afternoon to do crafty things with her friends so it was up to me to look after my DH which I did ---beautifully! He decided to do some work in my garden so I helped him a wee bit and then I went away to play again.

I nipped back to see him every now and then and I know that made him happy. Then I had a snooze on top of one of my beds until it was dinner time and afterwards as soon as my MH tooked out her laptop I plonked my adorable little self on the couch beside her and as she is writing this my little head is on her computer and she is typing round about me, so if there are any mistakes then they are probably my fault.

But don't tell her I admitted that! Hee hee

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