Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Good Day

I am happy. I am usually happy as you know, but I am very happy today cos I have had a good day. The weather was a bit cool for me, but my dear old MH decided to come outside and cut the grass again and I stayed with her for a little while. It was a bit cool to just sit and watch her, so I nipped in and out of the window to see what she was doing, and I keeped doing that till she was finished.

My DH was outside too just finishing all the work that he had started so there was plenty of company for me whenever I wanted and that's what made me very happy. I played lots of times on my own until I was a tiny bit tired and then I had to have a snooze and that's when the old dear tooked
this picture for you.

She also tooked one of my very first baby tomato. My DH is very pleased with himself but he doesn't realise that this is MY tomato and so I am very pleased with my adorable little self. But we won't tell him, eh?

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