Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Good Sunday

I am liking these days. I am liking them a lot. As soon as I opened my adorable little eyes, I wandered over to the window and when I saw that it was another lovely day, I asked my MH to feed me and then let me out to play -- and of course she did.

I wandered slowly through the fields and across the grass just having a sniff as I went and I had a little look at the lambs and watched them for a while before wandering back into my house just in time to get my wee drop of milk and then I was off again into the big outside. It was warm and calm so just perfect Squeak weather again and I was a very happy little puss.

A while later both my humans appeared outside and the lawn mower was brought out of the shed, so I just found a cosy spot to watch until the old dear was finished running all over the grass until my garden was looking lovely again. And guess what? As soon as they had both finished all their work the rain came on. Wow! How lucky was that? They just got finished in time, but then there was lots of time for me to sit on my MH's knee and let her stroke me and she liked that too 'cos her little legs were a bit tired.

I am resting now but I shall be heading outside later on and I think I might stay out quite late 'cos I am feeling very fit and have lots of energy which I need to use up before sleeping time.

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