Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Good Sunday

The weather was very good for the mostest of today so I suppose you will know what my MH did? Yep. She cut the grass. She does like doing that and making it all nice for me to play on, so I shouldn't really complain about it, but I still do not like the lawn mower and I don't think I ever will.

Me and my DH wandered about the bits of the garden where she wasn't and he talked to me lots of times which was good. I helped him look after our tomatoes and my plant is coming on very nicely, so I am very happy with it.

I liked it best when my MH was finished 'cos her little legs wee tired and she needed a seat so she sat on my couch and I plonked my adorable little self on her knee and she stroked me lots and lots. I had a wee bit of apologising to do 'cos when she was going out this afternoon I accidentally whacked her with my tail. I was sitting on the stool at the door and my MH was putting on her shoes so she was bended down. I jumped off the stool and managed to clatter the poor old dear right on her lug with my tail and she went 'ouch' and rubbed it. Her ear that is, not my tail! Hee hee Sorry MH.

It started to rain just after she was finished in the garden so she was very pleased with her old self. I am resting now but if it stops raining I will go out to play later on before bedtime. I hope I can 'cos I like my last wee runabout before sleeping time.

Paws crossed!

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