Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Quieter Day

It has been a bit wet today and you know I don't like the rain too much, so it has meant that I have been inside for most of the day, but at least I have had lots of company 'cos both my humans have been at home with me which is just purr-fect.

My MH went away on the mid morning boat and I thought she was away all day, but then she comed back to me at lunch time and I was very happy especially as she brought home our message boxes and of course that meant it was string day. Me and my DH played for a while and I liked that lots, so I have had a good day.

My little weather man friend told me it was going to be wet again tomorrow and my humans are a bit annoyed at that 'cos they have lots of work still to do and they can't do it if it is raining. We got a whole lot of chips yesterday--- not the chips you eat, but the ones you put down on the garden path so they want to do that and paint my greenhouse and the old dear's gym so we are all going to be a wee bit very busy.

I will tell you what very important part in this I shall be playing and maybe my MH will even be able to take some pictures while she is painting. She is a very clever MH after all! Can you guess it is her that is writing this!! Hee hee

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