Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Very Lazy Sunday...

... but a very good one too. As I have told you millions of times, me and my humans don't do very much on a Sunday although the old dear sometimes cuts the grass but today was too wet and windy for her so we all did very little except relax and that was good.

I have been in and out lots of times but just for little times 'cos it was a bit windy and there were little showers of rain lots of times and you know I don't like getting wet. I had a wee giggle to myself this afternoon 'cos I flummoxed my MH and it was a wee bit very funny. I shall explain, but first I have to tell you that I have taken to hiding my adorable little self under our couch in the living room. I like it there 'cos I can hear everything that is happening and nobody can see me until I decide to come out again. OK?

So, this afternoon I asked my MH to let me out and she opened the window and left it open for me for a while but the wind was a bit naughty so she had to close it later on. After a while she got a bit worried 'cos I wasn't in my house and she looked all over for me. She went outside and called for me but I didn't answer and she was a wee bit very worried in case something had happened to me but when she went back in I was sitting on top of my couch!

She couldn't work out how I got there 'cos the window was closed but then she worked out that when she was working in one of the other rooms I had come in and nipped under my couch. She closed the window and went out to find me, but I was in all the time. Oh, my dear friends, we had a great big chuckle about it and I got a ginormous cuddle which was brilliant.

It was good fun.

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  1. I've been away for a week, and am glad you are doing well and up to your little tricks.