Friday, 30 June 2017

A Very Quiet Day

Me and my humans haven't done very much at all today 'cos we have all been a wee bit lazy but we have liked it lots. It wasn't a bad day so my DH has been in and out lots and I have helped him a wee bit but it was a bit too wet to work with the chips that we need to put on our paths, so he did things in our greenhouse---with my help of course!

I sat with my MH for a while and I just purred happily while she stroked my adorable little lugs. I like when she does that. We then had a wee while in the gym and I played on the grass while her little legs did their exercises and we played together for a minute or two when they were finished doing their cycling.

Usually, when she is writing this to you, I lie on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop, but since the rain his gone off again, I have decided to go out to play for a while and I am liking that too. I will sit beside her when I come home, and then I shall head out to play again before bedtime.

So although my day has been quite quiet, I think my night time might be a wee bit busier. I hope!

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