Friday, 16 June 2017

An OK Day

Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos she had to go to the dentist on the first boat so we needed to get up earlier than usual. Well, I didn't need to get up but I know she likes me to help her get ready and she needs to talk to me while she is doing that.

I had a wee wander round my garden and then I sat with my MH before she went away in her little kangaroo and then I nipped back to bed for a while until my DH had to get up. He had lots to do outside again today so I had plenty of company and he talked to me lots as well while he was working, so I was very fine.

In the afternoon the rain came on just as the old boy had finished working and so we went in and I sat on the window sill and watched for the little kangaroo bouncing back up the road and soon my MH was back with me and I got a great big cuddle which was just brilliant.

I am resting now but I shall go out later on before bedtime and then I shall cuddle up beside my MH and have a big rest until tomorrow when we will all be in my house together.

Just the way I like it.

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