Monday, 12 June 2017

And Another Week Begins

It started off as a not very good morning which was quite fine really 'cos it gave me the chance to have a wee rest before I began my week of very exciting things so I sat on my window sill and had a wee think.

Me and my MH waved bye bye to my DH as he went away on the boat and then we had a chat together before she started all her housework and that was my signal to waken up fully and head outside to see what the sheeps and the birdies were doing. It was quite nice outside, but the grass was wet and it is so long just now that the wet bits tickled my adorable little tummy and made it a wee bit wet too. It was a funny feeling but I quite liked it.

I have been out lots of times and for a long time each time and once my MH came out to look for me and I made her smile a lot when I bounded through the long grass and jumped straight through the fence so that I could run and meet her.

She always likes that, and so do I.

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