Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fun Time

Oh, I have had a very good day indeed and I have loved it MILLIONS. The weather has been beautiful all day and just keept getting warmer and you all know how much I love being warm.

My day started off as usual with me sitting on my MH's knee while we watched my DH getting ready to go to the Cat Shop, but then instead of her spending time with me, she went away too and I was not best pleased, but at least I could get out to play.

I should have worked it out that when she tooked her guitar with her, she wouldn't be away too long and suddenly, before I had finished playing, she was back again. Yippee! She had been at the Hall 'cos the minister was across so she was back with me for the rest of the day and I was very happy.

It was still so lovely outside that we decided to pull up some naughty weeds and we were outside for a long time which was just brilliant. I am always happy outside, but at my very happiest when my humans are outside with me. Except at bedtime. That is my very special hunting time and it is just for me! But other times with my humans are very fine.

I have sent you a wee picture of one of my little birdie friends having a wee feed and I hope you like it.

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