Monday, 26 June 2017

More Good

My little weather man friend sended me some crackin' weather today and I have been outside all the time. I helped my MH hang out her washing and then I rolled on the path and rolled on the grass and had a lovely time. I even managed a run up the clothes pole which always makes the old dear smile.

I was all alone in the afternoon 'cos my MH was away crafting but I just stayed outside till her little kangaroo brought her back to me and then we brought the washing in again and I did the same things all over again! Magic.

This evening I got a big surprise when two of our friends comed to my house to watch my television. One of them was knitting at the same time, so I helped her get her wool out of the bag and I am very sure she liked that lots!

It is still a lovely night, so I am just about to head outside again for a while before sleepy time. This is one of my favouritist times of the day!

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