Friday, 9 June 2017

Oh Dear....

.... there was more rain today All day! I have hardly been outside all day 'cos it has been wet and miserable. Oh dear. It was a lovely day yesterday and my humans were away so they couldn't play with me in my garden and today when they were home it was too wet for us to get outside. Not happy.

However, we did play together and I slept a lot and then we all watched Andy playing his tennis match, but he lost and we were a wee bit sad, so that was another 'oh dear'.

And then the last 'oh dear' came at feeding time.--- Mind you, it is still early in this evening so I s'pose the could me more 'oh dears'---- Anyway, we were all having our dinner and the Broadband man phoned my MH to tell her that they still can't fix the problem and they would phone her again next Wednesday!! Now, when he told her that she nearly hit the ceiling while me and my DH just watched. We both got the feeling she wasn't best pleased.

So, it has been one of those days but hopefully tonight will be lots better.

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