Sunday, 25 June 2017

Oh My...

... I have had a super duper day. I haven't been out much 'cos the weather still isn't to my liking, but to be honest, there has been so much good fun inside that I have been perfectly happy.

Me and my MH have had a simply brilliant day together and it started in the middle in the night when the old dear had to get up to use her litter tray and of course, that put me in the notion. So we had a wander round my house for five minutes and then snuggled back up in our bed, but instead of going to sleep, we had a wee chat and she told me she loved me millions, so I went back to sleep a very happy pussy cat indeed.

Today, she decided to change the beds again and of course I had to help her and I made her laugh lots 'cos every time she was just about to put the sheets or the duvet on the bed, I jumped and landed where I just should not have been and every time she lifted me off, I nipped back again and again and again. Oh, my dear friends, it was magic and we both loved it.

And! I have learned a new trick to waken her up through the night whenever I need something. I have decided not to bother with the radio any more, and she now sleeps through my clonking of the light switch on the dressing table mirror BUT if I shift her glasses which are on the little unit beside her bed, she wakens up in a second.



  1. Dear Squeak, I think somehow, through mental telepathy perhaps, you have shared your tricks with Aslan. He does a very good job of jumping and crawling under sheets when I am changing the linen. He thinks that I can't see that the lump in the bed is him. Oh it is funny. Have a good day.

  2. It is just the bestest fun a pussy cat can have, Bonnie and I am glad Aslan is enjoying doing it too. I lie so very, very still and I know my MH can't see me and then I get a wee bit excited and my adorable little wagger gives the game away. Sigh!!