Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Good Sunday

We have all had a good day in my house today. The weather wasn't very brilliant this morning, but the old dear decided to hang out her washing anyway, and she was very happy that she did 'cos my little weather man friend made it all better for us, and when my MH went away to the Hall to do crafty things, me and my DH decided to do some work in my garden and I liked being outside 'cos it was nice and warm and there wasn't any wind, so I was a very pleased little puss.

I saw my MH coming back so I just sat on the grass till her little car had stopped and when she got out I got a great big cuddle so I was even happier. She decided to do some strimming on the grass 'cos it started to rain yesterday before she could get it done and it was still good weather today so me and her just wandered about the garden making it look lovely again.

I asked her to take some pictures for you and you will be able to see all the chips that they put down and you will also see how I manage to save my adorable little feets from getting too sore on them.

I think I look particularly fetching and I am sure you will agree.

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