Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Very Good Sunday

We have all had a very good day today even though the weather wasn't wonderful. Mind you, it was better today than it was during last night. I will tell you a wee secret. I was frightened last night with the noise the wind was making all round my house. It was roaring at me and I am sure my whole house shooked at one time and that's when I had to snuggle up very close to my MH. But that was to keep her safe, of course!

However, today was a bit better and I did get out to play for a while although I was still a wee bit worried that the naughty wind would get angry at me again, but it was much better so I was a bit happier. I went out to play a few times and then I helped my DH to move some of the chips and the old dear told me that if the weather is good tomorrow, then me and her are going to spread some more of them, so I have showed you a picture of them before we put them all down on the paths.

The other pictures are of yours truly and you might notice that one of them is me being in a place where I shouldn't have been. I didn't get into trouble, though. I never do--hee hee. The other pictures are of me resting on the grass and my MH says she thinks my little lugs are particularly adorable in one of them.

I of course don't argue with her, and I am sure you will agree too.

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