Monday, 17 July 2017


My MH has a super word for describing the kind of day that we have had and it is dreich. And that's what it was all day, Dreich! I quite like that word, but I don't like the weather.

It has been wet, windy and misty all day although my little weather man friend told me that the sun would be shining all day and it would be warm. Well, it was, but not here. Everywhere else in the world except Orkney and Shetland. Oh dear, we were not best pleased.

I didn't get out to play very much at all but my MH did go out to see the other pussy cat but she waited until it wasn't raining too much and then she comed back to me with my big cuddle and I liked it lots.

I have had my dinner and now I am going out to see what is happening on my little island and to have a chat with all the little cows and sheeps that are in the fields in front of my house until the rain comes back on again.

My little weather man friend has told me that the weather has to be better tomorrow, but then he told me that yesterday didn't he?

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