Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ho Hum

Oh dear. The first day that my humans have had very little to do outside it rained! It rained nearly all afternoon and only now as I am telling you this, the sun has comed out and the rain has gone away to make somebody else wet. Shame

It made my poor old MH very wet this afternoon 'cos she had to go out to have a wee chat with my friend S.'s pussy cat 'cos S. is away her holidays and we don't like the pussy cat to be lonely. She comes and talks to me when my humans desert me----S. that is, not the pussy cat! Hee hee. Anyway, away my MH went and when she comed back to me and my DH she was very soaking wet. In fact she was nearly ringing, but not quite. I gave her a great big cuddle to make her feel better, but I waited till she was a wee bit drier 'cos I didn't want to get wet. I had done that earlier on and didn't want to do it again. She understood though, so it was OK.

I have a brand new baby cow friend and it was only made yesterday---and I saw it all! AND, I didn't come over all unnecessary, so I was very pleased with my adorable little self. It was when my MH was away to Kirkwall and me and my DH were in my garden and the cow was in the field right beside us when suddenly we saw it all beginning and we stayed to watch and then a little black calf popped out and the mummy cow licked it all clean.

The little baby cow just lay there for a while and then it tried to get up and it made me giggle when it was trying to work out which leg went where 'cos I think I had that same problem when I was brand new but I can't really remember as it was a long time ago. But the little calf soon worked it all out and it is now running all round the fields so I am going to try and have a wee chat with it tonight when I go out to play. If the mummy cow lets me, that is.

I hope we get some better weather tomorrow 'cos my MH says she wants to be out in the garden and not be working. She just wants to play with me and maybe she will send you a picture of the little calf, so I have asked my little weather man friend to please make the rain stay away. Thank you.

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