Saturday, 8 July 2017

I Do Wonder....

.... about my humans sometimes. We all had a fairly easy morning and I could see that the sky was not looking too promising so I decided that we would all have a very lazy day without any gardening, but oh dear me, I was wrong. So wrong.

When my DH was going out to feed the birdies, I heard the old dear asking him to get the lawn mower out and she would cut the grass just as soon as she hanged out the washing. Hmm! I did my very best by staring at her and then staring out of the window, but it made no difference at all. She was determined the washing was going out and the grass was getting cut! So, out we went.

Even my DH decided it wasn't going to rain and he started finishing off all the little jobs that he still had to do. I just shooked my adorable little head and left them to it while I had a snooze on my couch.

Well, it did rain---we all knew it would didn't we?--- but it stayed kind of dry until the lawn mower had cut all the grass and my MH was very pleased with herself. She didn't get to use the strimmer but if it is dry tomorrow she will finish off and I will ask her to take some pictures for you. As for the washing--- well, it had to come back in and go up on the pulley to get dried. If only she had listened to me. Sigh! Even my DH had to come in 'cos the rain finally did get too heavy to work outside.

I wonder if they will ever learn. ( I think I know the answer to that one! Hee hee)

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