Wednesday, 19 July 2017

I Do Wonder...

... about my dear old MH. Now, you all know I love her millions but there are times I wonder if all her slates are intact, but oh please don't tell her I said that or I am in lots of trouble. Now, I suppose you will want to know why I am thinking that and of course I will tell you.

We were all having our normal morning chat before my DH left to go to the Cat Shop and I know I heard my MH telling him that she was thinking about cutting the grass but they both thought it was far too windy for the old dear and I was quite happy about that.

So, off he went in the boat and me and her had a seat and a wee cuddle and then she decided that since the little birdies had done naughty things on our window, she would wash them all, even though it was windy. Away we went with our basin of soapy water, our cloth and our drying machine thingy and we did the windows. When I say 'we' you know I helped by watching from a sheltered bit in my garden and I know she liked that.

Everything was fine so far and when she finished the windows, she nipped down to see my friend S.'s puss cat and then when she comed back she told me she was going to cut the grass after all. I just shooked my adorable little head! It was blowing a gale----well, almost, but it was windy. That didn't stop her and a minute or two later I heard the mower going and I could see her racing round my garden. One way was easy 'cos the wind was pushing her, but the other way was hard 'cos she had to fight against the naughty wind.

Oh I did feel sorry for the old dear, but she didn't have to do it did she? And that's what makes me wonder!! But I am saying nothing. It is much safer that way. Hee hee

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