Thursday, 6 July 2017

Much Better

My day has been a great big whole bit better than yesterday and I have liked it lots and lots. Both my humans were with me for the en-tire day and you know how happy that makes me.

My MH had her housework to do and the old boy was outside quite a lot so I just nipped in and out of my house helping them both. Every time my MH finished what she was doing, she would come and find me and give me a big cuddle which made me very happy. I think she was making up for abandoning me yesterday and that suited me purrfectly!

In the afternoon, my MH came outside to help me and my DH spread some more chips. We are nearly finished and all my paths are looking good even though the chips hurt my adorable little feets, but there are other ways I can get to where I want so I am not complaining----MUCH!

I was able to help them both and I know my MH liked that 'cos her little legs were getting tired carrying lots of chips around my garden, but when I was beside her, she was happy and forgot about her little legs. Well, she knew they were still there, but they weren't sore. See?

I had a word with one of my cow friends as you can see. We had a good wee natter and then when I went round to the other side of my house I found a feather and I played with that for a long time, so I have had a very good day and I think tomorrow has to be just as good 'cos my little weather man friend told me the weather will be good again and my humans are going to finish all the chips.....

....with my help of course!

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