Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tuesday Chips

I have had a very good day. A very good day indeed, and I have loved it millions. My little weather man friend sended us some really lovely weather which meant that me and my humans could spend all day outside working with our new chips.

There is an awful lot of chips and they are making my paths quite lovely, but I have one big complaint and that is that they hurt my delicate, but very adorable little paws! I have to walk on the big stones so my little feets don't get pains in them and that is fine.

We were all out for nearly the whole day and I think my humans will need a very good sleep tonight! I am having a snooze just now, but since it is going to be another lovely evening, I will be going out to play later on and I am looking forward to that.

I am to be left on my own tomorrow as my MH is going to Kirkwall to meet her friends and of course the old boy has to go to the Cat Shop, but if the weather is like today then the window will be open for me and I will be able to get out to play as much as I want.

Then I s'pose we will all be shovelling chips again on Thursday if it's not raining.

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