Wednesday, 30 August 2017


....I am just a little bit fed up being on my own. I was abandoned again today and you know I don't really like being all alone. My DH sailed away to the Cat Shop and then my MH told me she had to go to the Hall for the en-tire afternoon 'cos she was helping to get it all ready for the jumble sale tomorrow, so yours truly was left to play all by myself and when I went home there were no cuddles waiting for me. Sigh.

AND! I am to abandoned tomorrow for hours and hours because of this jumble sale--whatever that is--because the old dear will be busy selling all kinds of stuff and my DH is helping to get people up to the Hall from the pier. And me? I am to be left all alone again, but my MH has promised that the weekend will be all for me, so I can't really complain.

So, I can't tell you all my news but I am very well. I shall be much more very well tomorrow night when my MH comes home and all her work at the Hall is finished for a while.

I do not like being abandoned!

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