Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Major Decidement

If you remember I was having a big problem with my new dinner bowl and I was afraid that I might stop eating altogether just out of spite but I slept on it--not on the bowl, but you know what I mean?-- and came to a very important decision. I am going to try and like my new bowl. I will never love it like my old one, but I will do my very bestest to grow to accept it.

Now I know you will all be desperate to learn how I have come to this momentous decision and of course I will tell you. Last night, in the dark time just before me and my MH were going to sleep, we had one of our special conversations and she told me that I had to eat all my dinners 'cos she would be the saddest MH in the en-tire world if anything happened to me 'cos she loves me millions.

I had a wee think and decided that maybe the old dear was right, so I bounded off the bed and went into the kitchen for a wee feed and to be honest, the new bowl wasn't really that bad. So that's the end of that problem I am very pleased to say.

We have all had a very good day and I was even back in the gym with the old dear as she started her exercises again and then I helped her pull up some weeds before the horrible little midgies started to eat us alive. Ugh, they are horrible little creatures and me and my MH do not like them at all.

So we just came inside and sat on my couch for a while and I liked that lots.

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