Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I have been thinking.

You see, I haven't been doing very much lately and I have had plenty of time to think so that's what I have been doing.

I did get out to play for a while this morning, but my little island is getting quiet again with all the little birdies flying away to somewhere warm and lots of my little insect friends looking for a sleeping place for the winter so I am a bit lonely when I do go out and I know that when I am inside there is always someone to cuddle me.

So, what have I been thinking? Well, I feel I need to be doing something to pass the time 'cos I can't sleep the days away, can I? The only problem is trying to find something that an adorable little puss can do.

I know this is not a lot of information for you, but it is a start is it not? I was listening to my humans talking today about what they are going to do in the winter and my MH said she was going to start making some more cards so maybe I could help her with that, but sometimes I make a mess of her bits of paper. She also said she was going to go more times into the gym, so maybe that's where I could help, although there's not too much for me to do except purr some encouragement.

Hm. Maybe that's what I could do. I could be a motivator! I think I shall have another little snooze to clear my adorable little mind and then I shall think some more and as soon as I have comed to a decision I shall let you know. OK?

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