Friday, 15 September 2017

More Rain

Oh I am so very fed up with all this rain! It hasn't stopped all day and I am really fed up. Like REALLY fed up! I sat on my window sill just waiting to pounce as soon as it stopped but it didn't stop so I didn't pounce. Oh dear.

I managed out just once for a very short time and even then I got wet so I comed home very quickly and I got a big cuddle but even that didn't cheer me right up. I am a puss who needs to be outside exploring and hunting and although I am very happy being inside with my humans, I do need lots of fresh air and outside times as well. Maybe I will manage before bedtime but it's not sounding too great out there so I am not very hopeful.

It was a quiet day in my house 'cos my MH just had wee bits of housework to do and we had good fun for a while when she was cleaning out all her craft boxes 'cos she emptied all the stuff out of them and guess what I did? Yep, I decided to see what they looked like from the inside and I jumped into them as soon as the old dear had emptied them. That was good fun.

Later on I asked her to play with me on top of my bed and she rolled me in my blanket and tickled my adorable little tummy and that was just brilliant fun and we both liked it lots.

So, although I haven't been able to be outside, I still have had lots of fun inside, so I can't really complain too much. That has never stopped me before!

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