Monday, 18 September 2017

Much Better

I am very well. I know you will all be worrying after my harrowing tale yesterday, but worry not, dear friends, I am very well again and my dear old MH has finally stopped shaking!

I have been abandoned though, but just for a little while. My DH had to go to the Cat Shop and my MH had arranged to meet her friend and to do some shopping. She didn't want to go and leave me, but me and my DH told her that I would be fine and I would see her when she comed home again. So oft she went.

The window was left open for me and I had a couple of wee plays outside and then I rested till my humans comed home. I ran into my kitchen when I heard the door opening and then I asked for a cuddle and my MH lifted me up and gived me one of her very special hugs 'cos she had missed me. And I missed her too so I followed her around and purred for her while I did a lot of nudging. She likes when I nudge her and I wanted to show her that I was very well.

I have showed you a picture today of me beside my DH's car but this time I am outside it and not in the engine bit. I don't think I will ever go in the engine bit again---I think!

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