Monday, 30 October 2017

A Good Monday

I have had a super day. A very good day indeed and, since it is only after dinner time, I will have more good times before I need to go to sleep, so that is most agreeable.

I wakened up this morning and listened, but there was no wind so I knew I would be outside a lot. I ate up all my breakfast and then I was off out into the outside to see what was happening and I got back in time to have my little drink of milk. The rest of my Monday morning was just the usual. I helped my MH with her housework and her exercises but then I got a big surprise when she asked me if I wanted to go outside with her.

Yippee! I was standing at the door before she had even finished asking me. We had good fun just wandering about my garden but then the rain came on and we had to go inside again, but it had been good and I am hoping we will do it again tomorrow.

I made my MH smile 'cos at one time today, she came to look for me and when she called my name, I was down exploring at the big shed, but when I heard her, I started to run really fast and jumped straight through the fence to get beside her and she smiled at me and told my DH I was like a little racehorse which made me smile inside too.

I am resting just now but as soon as I have gathered up all my energy again, then I will head out and see what is happening in the dark time on my little island. I am quite excited.

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