Sunday, 29 October 2017

Better At Last

We have had a much better day today 'cos at last, the naughty wind has started to behave itself and it isn't blowing as hard as it has been, plus we all had an extra hour in our beds because for some reason, my humans decided to put all the clocks back and I am a wee bit worried in case they get into trouble or even miss the boat, but they seem happy with it, so I shall try not to worry too much.

I was a wee bit sleepy this morning 'cos me and my MH had been up through the night and then when we went back to bed, I put my adorable little self on top of her and we had a wee whispered chat in the darkness and I like these times 'cos they are very special.

My MH was very happy today because the better weather meant that she could get out to go to the Hall with all the other peoples and she liked that. I had to be left in my house all on my own but I didn't mind too much 'cos I was happy that my MH was away out. And they comed back to me soon so that was very fine.

You will see that the old dear finally tooked a new picture of me which I hope you will like. I think I look quite fetching! I hope we have a good day tomorrow 'cos I am looking forward to being out for a long time.

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