Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I am fed up with this rotten weather! There, I have said it. I have tried to be patient and I have waited and waited for the rain to go off so that I can get out to do what an adorable little puss such as I NEEDS to do, but eventually I just went outside and managed to find a little spot that wasn't too wet so I was a little bit happier.

I wasn't fed up when I was inside 'cos there was lots for me to do. My MH was a wee bit busy doing her exercises and she was making some cards too, so naturally I had to supervise and make sure everything was done properly. I did get a little bit too close at one point and my adorable little paws nearly got covered in some of her glue and if she hadn't told me not to get too near, I might have been stuck to the desk for ever! Oh deary me, that would have been just terrible. I would never have been able to play in my garden or cuddle up to my MH again, so that was a very narrow escape. Phew!

I have just one little complaint and that is that the old dear isn't putting me in her camera and all the photos she is showing you are old ones, so I have asked if she will take some new ones of yours truly and she says she will try tomorrow but if she has to use her stick, then it is hard for her to take photographs, but she says she will try very hard.

Just for me!

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