Saturday, 21 October 2017

Just Another Saturday

... but, as you all know, I like Saturdays and this one was a good one for me. I nipped outside as soon as I had finished my breakfast and I had a good look round my patch to make sure there were no naughty doggies or pussy cats who shouldn't have been there and as soon as I was satisfied that it was all clear, I nipped back in just in time for my little drop of milk. I do love my wee drop of milk.

The rest of my day was just kind of normal for just now which was resting and then lying on my bed beside my MH while she made her new knee do all its exercises. Can I tell you a wee secret? When my humans are sleeping, I find a wee corner in my house and I do my MH's exercises to make my adorable little legs stronger so that I can chase any unwanted visitors to my garden!

I got a lovely surprise when my friend S. comed to see us and I got lots of lovely strokes and cuddles from her which I just loved.

So, I have had a lovely Saturday.

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