Saturday, 7 October 2017

Super Saturday

I am very happy today. The weather has been quite good although it has been a wee bit too wet for me. BUT, being an intrepid little puss, I have been in and out lots of times and every time I comed home, my MH was waiting for me with lots of cuddles.

We have worked out that she was away from me for five days and every day I get about a hundred cuddles so she owes me lots and lots of cuddles and I intend to collect them all! I got a big surprise in the afternoon when my friend S. comed to see me and my MH and we had a good time. I went outside when she was here and when it started to rain, I nipped onto my window sill and S. let me in again and dried me.

I liked that lots so my Saturday has been very good and I hope so has yours.

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