Sunday, 12 November 2017

A New Name

My MH gived ne a new nick-name today. She has lots of names for me and most of them are good, but sometimes she calls me a monkey or a horror or a monster when I am being a little bit naughty--- which isn't very often as you can imagine. Hee hee

But today she called me a new name and that was 'jack in the box! I think I will have to explain why she called me this. If I tell you that the weather on my beloved little island still isn't to our liking, that will probably help you to understand. I had been out a couple of times but in the afternoon, I told the old dear that I needed to go out and she opened the door for me, and eventually I went out,

I stayed out for just a little while nd then when I comed in, I had a wee warm up again and then asked to go out. I had only been in for about ten minutes! I'm afraid I did this about four times and that's when she said I was like a jack in the box! But she still loves me.

Later on in the afternoon I got a surprise and I did something funny. My friend S. comed to see me and that was my surprise and I made her and my MH laugh when she was going home 'cos we all went into my porch while she put on her coat and she had put her hat onto the stool at the door. Can you guess what I am going to tell you?

Well, when we were in the porch, S. and my MH were chatting so much that they didn't see me jumping up onto the stool and when S. went to put her hat on, she nearly picked me up to plonk me on her head instead! She stopped just in time, but oh my, how we giggled.

It was SO funny!

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