Friday, 24 November 2017

Not Much Better

I am starting with a great big sigh 'co I am very fed up getting wet and frozen cold every time I go out. I know I could stay in and keep lovely and warm, but I am a brave hunter puss and I have to get outside sometimes, so I just be very brave and go!

It is definitely winter on my little island and the rain had hardly stopped which is a bit annoying so I have been indoors more that normal but I have managed to have some good fun there as well. I asked my MH to please let me out and after we had tried the door two times and the window three times, she got the idea that it wasn't the right time for me and she asked me if I wanted to play with my toys. And we did! And we had super fun. I liked it lots and lots and I think she did too, so if I don't go out in future, we will just play in my house.

My MH tooked some pictures while I was attacking my toy mouse and I hope you like them. I am having a rest right now, but I will go out to play again before bed time and then I shall get cuddled warm all night.


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