Sunday, 19 November 2017


I didn't get to write to you yesterday and I hope you didn't miss me too much. I hope too, that you didn't worry about me 'cos me and my humans are all very well thank you. I shall explain what happened.

There was a party in our Hall that my humans wanted to go to, but it was very windy---still!--- on my little island and my MH wasn't sure if she should go out so she thought we would write to you in the evening, but then my friend J. and his daddy came and helped her into her car, so I was left all alone and by the time the old dear comed back to me, it was too late to write to you. See?

I did try and keep them in by asking to get out to play just as they had to leave my house, but it didn't work and I am afraid it was my adorable little tummy that let me down 'cos as soon as my DH put down some Dreamies for me, I left my escape route and rushed over to my mat and this let my humans get out the door without me escaping. And I thought I was the crafty one in my house!

It has been a much better day for weather on my island so I have been in and out a lot and have been a very happy Squeak indeed. I hope you have been very happy too.

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