Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Different Day

I'm afraid I was a bit restless through the night. I think it was because I had stayed in so much through the day that when sleep time came, I wasn't tired and so I couldn't sleep. I kept waking my MH by whatever means it took and this was mainly by knocking down all her little perfume bottles. That always works. I am running out of ways to do it 'cos she bought a new radio alarm clock and I haven't worked out how to switch it on yet. But I'm sure I will!

Anyway, what I didn't know was that my humans were going away on the first boat and my poor old MH was still tired when it was time to get up again. I am very sorry MH. Anyhow, they both got up when it was still very, very dark and I decided I would go outside to see what it was like in this very darkness. It was quite good but 'cos it was cold, I didn't stay out too long and I scooted back inside before they went away to the boat.

I thought I was going to be an abandoned puss all day but I got a surprise when my MH comed back to me at lunch time and we had fun in the afternoon for a while and I was very happy. She is still a wee bit tired so I have promised to have a long sleep tonight and not waken her up.

I think the fact that she told me if I did it again, she would shut me out of my bedroom had something to do with it! Hee hee. I don't think she would do that 'cos she likes me cuddling into her as much as I do, but I'm not taking any chance just yet!

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