Saturday, 30 December 2017

A Funny Saturday

....but not funny ha ha, more funny peculiar because both my humans went away to Kirkwall without me. Now, it’s not odd that they did this, but it is odd that they did it on a Saturday ‘cos a Saturday is a kind of special lazy day in my house and they are nearly never away from me, but today was different. Sigh

I got out to play for a wee while before they went away on the boat, but then I was shut in ‘cos it was too cold to leave the window open for me, so I just a nap till they comed home to me and then I had good fun. I asked the old dear if she would play and of course she said yes, so we had lots of fun which helped cheer me up and right now I am lying on her knee and I am very happy.

Especially as she has just told me she is not going to leave me again for a long time. Yippee!!

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