Sunday, 3 December 2017

Another Good Day

I am liking my days. I like being able to have a wee sniff at my Christmas tree and I love watching all the little decorations which are lovely. I still haven't tried to climb up the tree and my humans are very pleased about that.

We have had our normal lazy Sunday with me and my humans doing very little but liking it. I have been out lots of times but just for little times 'cos it is a wee bit cold, but it hasn't been bad enough to keep me in so that is very good 'cos it uses up some of my energy.

BUT--- I have kept some energy to play with my MH cos I had forgotten how good it is to play with her and all my toys and we have had really good fun so I need to be not tired when she needs to play with me. The old dear is finished doing her bead card and it is very lovely but what is even lovelier now that it is all done, is that there is a lot more time for me on an afternoon so I am looking forward to more plays.

My friend S. was up to see me today and my MH was telling her that I will soon be a whole eight years old but she said I was still like a kitten when I needed to play and that made me happy 'cos I like being like a kitten. I think I shall stay like that for ever.

I am to be abandoned tomorrow 'cos my MH needs to go to do some shopping and she is meeting her friend and the old boy will be at the Cat Shop, so this adorable little cat will be sleeping till they come home to me again.

Maybe she will have my birthday present! I shall need to look carefully when she comes home!

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