Thursday, 28 December 2017

More of the Same

Our days are all much the same just now, but they are good days and I am liking them lots. My humans have been taking it easy so there is lots of time for playing with me and you know that makes me happy.

It is very cold on my little island--- in fact it is freezing with cold and whenever I do decide to go out, I have to keep moving in case I stick frozen to the ground! It is good that I HAVE to keep moving 'cos it makes me a wee bit warmer while I am out, but when I go back in, I just stand on the chair till one of my humans picks me up and cuddles me warm again. Lovely!

The old dear is still doing a wee drop of exercises so I help her with those and when she is finished, we play together on top of the bed and she wraps me up in my blanket and cuddles me and tickles me and I love it millions.

So, if my days were to stay the same for ever and ever, I would still be the happiest little puss in the
en-tire world!

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