Thursday, 14 December 2017

Quite a Busy Day......

.... for me and my humans. The weather was quite good so I was busy visiting all the places I hadn't been to for a few days and my MH was busy doing all her housework and getting all my house shining clean for my birthday and for Santa Claus. My DH was busy making a frame for a picture that my MH had made, so we were all doing our own things but every now and then I would come home and get a cuddle from one of them and that was good. I have been trying to keep myself very busy today so that I might be able to sleep tonight because I know I am going to be very excited 'cos I will be eight years old tomorrow. It will be my birthday! Yahoo!!

I know I am a very lucky puss 'cos I m in my forever home with my humans who love me millions and who make me the happiest little puss in the en-tire world. I have a great time and I love being on my little island where I have lots of animal friends and where all the humans know me and love me, so I have everything a puss could want and I love it.

I have some presents under my Christmas tree and my MH says I can open my birthday present tomorrow and that has made me even more excited but I know I will have to sleep 'cos if I don't and if I waken the old dear, she might get a wee bit annoyed with me.

But it is my birthday, so I think I would be safe enough!

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