Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Still Good Fun

I am liking this Christmas time lots. My humans have been playing with me as much as I wanted and I have been out playing lots of times too. One of the times I went out, I got covered in snow and I was nearly a white puss when I went back home and then I had to get dried again, but that was good.

I just have one little complaint and that is because it is very cold outside ad I am not overly keen on being a frozen puss so I need lots of cuddles. My MH says I am a sooky puss just now 'cos I keep sitting on her knee and asking for cuddles which I get, of course. I think it might have something to do with Christmas but I am in the mood for lots of cuddles just now and she really likes when I snuggle up to her.

So, I am having a very good time and I hope you are too.

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