Friday, 8 December 2017

Surprise Time

I got a letter today! Addressed to me!! Not to my MH or my DH but me---Squeak. I was so excited and I sat on my MH's knee while she opened it for me. I could have opened it myself, but I would have made a wee bit of a mess of everything in it, so I let her do it. There was a card in it for all of us, but a special present just for me, all wrapped up in red shiny paper. Oh, my dear friends, I was so very, very excited.

My MH told me she would put my present under the tree and I could open it next Friday when it is my birthday. Yippee! I can't wait. Every now and then, I just take a wee wander over to the tree and have a little sniff and I think I have an idea what it is, but I'm not telling in case I am wrong, but I will tell you when know for sure. What a day it has been on my little island again. Still the great big storm winds are blowing on top of us and there has been rain and hail and snow and it is COLD! I ventured out for a while and I was nearly like a icicle when I comed home. I needed a great big warm up cuddle for a long time before my adorable little feets would work again.

It didn't keep me in though and I was out again for another couple of trips but only for a little time. Right now I am resting with my MH but as soon as all the horrid hail goes away, I shall try again.

You can't keep a good puss in! Hee hee

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