Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Fun Day

It has been a bit windy on my little island today but I did manage out for a wee while after my breakfast then I stayed in for the rest of the day, but I had lots of good fun.

My DH was at home with me so I helped him do some of his work while my MH was running round the bedrooms with her vacuum cleaner. Sometimes I followed her and asked for a cuddle and I got one which I liked. I thought she might have been a tad annoyed with me 'cos I wakened her up through the night when I made a very loud noise and she had to get up to see what was happening. My DH was still snoring!

She comed through to my kitchen where the noise was but she couldn't see me until she looked up and there was I right up on top of the units and I could touch the ceiling when I stood up. The noise she heard was me landing on top of the fridge and then launching my adorable little self right up into the sky!! She was a tad annoyed but although she wanted me to come down again, I decided to stay where I was and so she went back to bed, but a minute or two later, there was another loud 'plop' as I landed on the worktop and then on the floor and then on the bed beside her. Hee hee We both went to sleep again.

The postman brought me some of my dinners again and when my MH was making the dinner, I founded the empty box and had a play in that which was good fun but not as good as when I played with my MH and my little mouse and if you look very carefully in this picture, you will see the little red dot that comes out of my mouse and lets me chase it all over my living room until I am tired.

But oh so very happy!

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